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Jan 27, 2015


“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” Everyone knows where I have extracted that phrase. I am sure that the pineapple that Spongebob calls home is surely a pineapple from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan pineapples do not need to be marketed. No other pineapple can challenge the sweetness, the colour and the juiciness of the Lankan pineapple. Even though the hard outter cover is trouble to peel of the insides are to savor. The Lankan pineapple is expertly used in fruit salads, juices and in cakes. It is the ideal remedy for a hot summer day.

Pineapples are cultivated all around Sri Lanka’s flat lands and it is exported to countries such as Japan and the European Union. Pineapple vendors can be found all around the country. 

If you visit Sri Lanka, there is no excuse for you not to have a Sri Lankan pineapple.

Have a Sri Lankan pineapple and feel the difference.


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