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Jan 20, 2015

China’s President Xi Jinping boost the travel Industry in Sri Lanka

Like the Barmy Army travel with the English Cricket Team, Like the Thailand People travel with The Royal family, now there is a trend where Chinese citizens follow there exemplary lead where ever they go.

His Excellency Xi Jinping President of China traveled to SriLanka during September 2014. Automatically tour package to Sri Lanka in October for the ‘National Day’ holiday were fully booked after the president’s visit.

Chinese President has done wonders to the Chinese inbound tourism and well as for the outbound tourism. He is a great advocate for responsible tourism. When he visited on an official visit to Maldives he urged his fellow Chinese tourist to,

"Don't throw empty bottles everywhere," he instructed. "Don't damage their coral reef. Eat less instant noodles. Eat more local seafood."

So we Sri Lankans eagerly await to greet our Chinese friends during the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival. So pack your bags and jump into a Sri Lankan airline flight and head towards Sri Lanka.


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